5 Gifts That You Should Get This Holiday

5 Gifts That You Should Get This Holiday

It’s that time of the year, the time for gifts. The holidays are fast approaching and we are busy looking for the best gifts for our loved ones. Kids do not often know how to express what they want. So, it may get even difficult for you to decide what you are looking for, but no worries we have some amazing suggestions for you. Here are some gifts that can help you make up your mind.

Silver horse necklace with a sapphire heart charm


Horse and Sapphire Charm Pendant Necklace

A charming little horse necklace makes the perfect gift for special occasions or every day wear. This beautiful necklace contains a 2mm white sapphire on sterling silver. With a 14-inch chain and 2-inch extender, befitting the receiver in every context.


Girl holding a flower with a dangling silver birds necklace

Love Birds and Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

With a wonderful design of two love birds under a special diamond decorated heart, undoubtedly this will make anyone’s heart melt. If you are looking for something innovative and exciting as a gift look no further than this. It contains a 1 mm diamond, sterling silver with enamel and a 14-inch chain with 2-inch extender.

 Adjustable sterling silver necklace with smiling shark pendant

Shark Pendant Necklace

Sharks are loved by kids and adults alike, but kids find them really exciting. To capture that moment why not get them this exciting gift. A gift like this is something they will always remember you by. It comes in fine sterling silver and a 14-inch chain with 2-inch extender. If you desire a different colour, a gold shark pendant is also available. 

Boy wearing a gold starfish necklace


 Starfish Pendant Necklace

How about this adorable golden necklace for some gold in your life. A smiling starfish that will surely make your little one's day joyful. A great gift for both boys and girls, it comes in gold vermeil which makes it of a high quality yet affordable present. The pendant includes a gold vermeil 14-inch chain with 2-inch extender.  We also have a silver starfish pendant available.


Rainbow & Flower Cuff and Rainbow Earrings

Colours bring joy in life, they symbolise hope and freedom, which is the best gift we can give to our next generation. So this holiday get your beloved a beautifully designed rainbow flower cuff decorated with clouds and flowers.  Designed for a small wrist the cuff measures 4.5 inches around and can be adjusted for comfortable wearing.  Also a part of the rainbow collection are the rainbow earrings which have bright colours and gorgeous colour patterns. They are made up of sterling silver with enamel and a stud post.


Getting a gift is not so hard nowadays, but getting the right one that is also desired by your beloved children is just as important. The goal is to make it something that they will remember and treasure.

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