About Eleanor Thomas...

Eleanor Thomas London Jewellery for children, image of woman with crossed arms leaning against a window

Hi, I'm Kate!

There is something so special to me about putting your favourite jewellery on, the excitement of picking it and loving what you see in the mirror.  The final (and best if you ask me!) accessory to complete your look, even if it’s just to do the school run!  Now I see the same excitement from my daughter, who loves to choose what necklace and bracelet she’s going to wear before she begins her adventures.

My French husband comes from a family of jewellers who ran their family business for many years from a small town in France, and I’m from a family of entrepreneurs in the US, which is where I grew up.  I was born in the UK and my husband and I settled here for work.  A couple of years ago I decided that it was time to leave the corporate world and try something new.  So when I was looking for jewellery that was a bit more special, not only for my daughter and son, but also as a gift to family and friends, Eleanor Thomas London was born!

Our Jewellery

The inspiration behind the designs is to create something that is fun, stylish and special which is also high quality and so will last throughout childhood years and beyond.  I have been involved in the creation of our jewellery from the start, working closely with our designer in the US, in order to produce some really unique and creative pieces made especially for children.  It has been a labour of love that has taken some time to get to, but I'm very proud to now launch our very first collection!

Eleanor Thomas London Jewellery for children, design drawings of shark and daisy pendants

Eleanor Thomas London is different in that from design to manufacture, the pieces are created especially and only for children in mind.  The result is the perfect combination of special, luxurious and fun pieces, making our jewellery the ideal present.  Designed for both boys and girls, we have fun themes ranging from animals and sea creatures to flowers and rainbows – a little something for everyone!  A beautiful, quality gift for someone special that can continue to be worn and hopefully passed on to the next generation!

THANK YOU so much for your interest!