Silver necklace with cross pendant and cleaning cloth

How to Care for Silver Jewellery

We want you to be able to enjoy your Eleanor Thomas London jewellery for as long as possible – in fact for a lifetime, so here is how you can care for your silver jewellery to make sure you can keep it in top condition.

Silver jewellery has risks of tarnishing when exposed to things such as humidity, precipitation, chemicals, home bleach, salt, chlorine, or sulphur. We recommend storing your jewellery in a cool dry place (such as its original box if possible), and far away from cleaning products.  When your jewellery is not in its safe storage spot we would suggest removing rings or bracelets when cleaning as the harsh chemicals we use can affect the integrity of the jewellery.

Although true sterling silver is completely water safe there are some bodies of water we don’t recommend. Swimming pools are full of chlorine, and this can cause tarnishing and darkening of your jewellery.  The ocean is another one we wouldn’t recommend as the high salt level can also affect the integrity of silver jewellery. And despite sterling silver jewellery being water safe it is important to remember that the water that comes out of our taps isn’t purified water and it’s often filled with chemicals.  In places like London that has hard water this can be even more true and over time the water will cause discolouration to your sterling silver pieces. We would recommend taking off your jewellery before having a shower or doing the dishes just to be safe.

Sterling silver necklaces with Starfish, Seahorse, Octopus and Shark pendants

Now this may seem a bit excessive, but we are just giving you all the facts. According to several studies, silver jewellery is not harmed by direct sunshine exposure. However, it can hasten the tarnishing process. Additionally, over time with continuous sun exposure it can damage the structural integrity of silver jewellery, causing it to eventually fade and lose its shine. So, it's a good idea to take off your jewellery if on holiday you’re going to spend the day at the beach but like we said it might be a bit excessive so don’t fret about wearing your silver jewellery on a summer’s day.

Despite all our tips there will come a point when your jewellery starts losing its shine just due to everyday wear. It’s important to clean your silver jewellery from time to time by polishing with a soft dry cloth…it’s a quick 5-minute job but makes all the difference!

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